City Link works to make better and more inclusive cities.

In a world, where people are forced to relocate, social structures are changing and political extremes are growing, City Link sees the importance in connecting communities on a local, national and transnational level to strengthen social cohesion.

City Link celebrates connections in a festival hosted by a new city each year and with off-festival activities throughout the year.

City Link transforms the city into an urban playground that tickles our imagination and creates new relationships with our cities, and each other.

Across countries, professions and backgrounds we share unique moments and new insights, working together to make better and more inclusive cities.

The City Link Festival is an annual international festival. We are an expanding network, anchored in Denmark and working across in Denmark, Turkey, UK and Germany.

The project is initiated by the Copenhagen based non-profit organisation GivRum.




City Link began in 2012 as a co-creation project between cultural communities in Copenhagen and Hamburg culminating in the first City Link Festival in Hamburg in 2014.

City Link is now used as a model for best practice for international cultural exchange in Hamburg, and has catalysed new cultural initiatives in and between the cities. 

The City Link Festival in Hamburg kickstarted a global network connecting actors, projects and communities throughout the world.

In September 2015 Edinburgh hosted the City Link Festival

– a 4 day programme of cultural events across the city attended by 1300 people from 7 different countries and co-created by 130 contributors.

The festival was a finalist for the Creative Edinburgh City Award – for the promotion of the city, its city spaces and cultural ideas.

Edinburgh has matured the community and collaborations have spurred beyond the festival locally as well as internationally.

Join us and…

Explore how we can make fairer and more inclusive cities

Realise urban and cultural experiments

Work to inspire each other, creatives, local authorities and private developers