City Link started in 2012 as a co-creation project between cultural communities in Copenhagen and Hamburg with support from the City of Copenhagen and the City of Hamburg. In 2014 the network decided to co-create projects together for a festival setting. Read the full programme.

The Exhibitions

Exhibitions with artists from Denmark and Germany in locations throughout Hamburg. Read the exhibition programme.

The Events

Concerts and parties linked happenings in Hamburg and Copenhagen. Read the event programme.

The Congress

A congress composed of lectures, debates and workshops examined the role of urban communities in engaging towards more creative, democratic and sustainable cities. The keynote speaker was  Sharon Zukin (Brooklyn College and Graduate Center, City University of New York). Read the programme city link congress 2014.

The Workshop: “How to Link Cities and People”

Discussions on the future of City Link. Read the programme city link workshop 2014.



29.11.2012 – 30.11.2012

Study Trip from Copenhagen to Hamburg, Germany
50 cultural entrepreneurs from Copenhagen – among them artist, students and architects – visited user-driven projects & initiatives at Hamburg’s cultural scene. Through workshops and guided tours entrepreneurs from Hamburg and Copenhagen shared work and inspirations between their fields of working.

2012 HH

Right to the City Network (Recht auf Stadt)

Kasper Munk Rasmussen, Phillip Zacho Kuipers, Simon Bergkjær, Max Parknäs, Thorfinn Deleuran, Annette Rohde, Jeanette Frisk, Rasmus Frisk, Rikke Gram-Hansen, Rikke FriskErik Ari Wolter Rosenberg, Anton Bestle, Merve Cevik, Ellen O’ Gara, Louise Heebøll, Bryn Lindblad, Carsten Hjort, Hulda Hallgrímsdóttir, Nina Nørgaard Jensen, Line Simonsen, Simon Post, Tyra Dokkedahl, Panagiotis Bourlessas, Anne-Kirstine Bøcher Ellern, Anne Grave, Troels Vejby, Maja Steen Møller, Nina Marie Rasmussen, Sara Melson, Maria Blichfeldt, Kristian Skaarup, Bettina Lamm, Anne Wagner, Tom Kjeld Rasmussen, Giovanni Acerbis, Nina Freaser, Liam Duffy, Christian Fumz, Jesper Koefoed-Melson, Charlotte Bagger Brandt, Kirstine Schiess Højmose, Anne Riber, Ida Kat Balslev, Camilla Edens, Jacob Laust Jensen, Louise Jensen, Jesper Lundgaard Johansen


19.12.2012 – 20.12.2012

Study Trip from Hamburg to Copenhagen, Denmark
About 40 artists, project managers and activist from Hamburg joined the trip to Copenhagen. The two days program introduced the Hamburgians to some of the most interesting user-driven cultural hubs of Copenhagen. Furthermore the City Link website was introduced.

Through a workshop-session the German and Danish participants developed a vision for the City Link network through 2013, that identify the shared foundation laid via the two study trips during 2012.


Copenhagen Project House (KPH)
The Candy Factory (Bolsjefabrikken)
Refshaleøens Real-Estate
Asterion’s House
The Shipyard Loft
The Rigger Loft
Madeleines Food Theater.

Till F.E. Haupt, Christine Ebeling, Daniel Thompson, Henrik Nahmacher, Kevin Kahn, Carsten Rabe, Solveig McCaughtrie, Rita Kohel, Michael Ziehl, Sam G, Jerome, Jessica-Anna Herden, Daniel Behrens, Dodo dodo adden, Ragna Juergensen, Felix Schröder, Boris Frentzel-Beyme, Nicole Vrenegor, Anke Haarmann, Steffen Jörg, Susanne Sippel, Nora Wollsox, Harald Lemke, Maria Fernanda, Anja Witt, Katharina Langer, Maria Xerisoti, Sven Reumann, Adrian Judt, Ilka Vogler, Borwin Richte, Ute Klapsch, Renate Spiering, Juliane Plöger, Johannes Bonchain, Sebastian Libbert, Ulrik Bildstein, Timo Frank, Simone Brühl, Tom Hensel


02.09.2013 – 29.09.2013

Gängerviertel on Christiania, Denmark
Gängerviertel hosted a whole month of events and exhibitions at Christiania in Copenhagen during the 40 years celebration of Christiania. During several events hundreds off Danish and international guest took part in e.g. a film shooting workshop, a love laboratory and a collective art exhibition.

Event Program
3. – 5.9. Kinokabarett, Kinokabarett
5.9. Screening Kinokabarett
6.9. Vernissage, Exibition „Separated“
7.9. Discussion „Second hand spaces“
13.9. Minigolf Madness, Vernissage
13. – 15.9. Minigolf Madness
20.9. Party, Faltenrock, Dance-Party
28.9. Finissage, Magical Flying Love Lab
29.9. Concert, Singer-Songwriter, „Sängerknaben & Sirenen“

Exhibiting artist
Carsten Rabe, Photography
Clara Palmberger-Suesse, Illustration
Darko Caramello, Painting
Jessica Leinen, Installation and Sculpture
Niklas Niemeyer, Photography
Nils Kasiske, Object and Sculpture
Rita Kohel, Installtion and Illustration
Simon Riemer, Photography
Till F.E. Haupt, Installation
Tona/David, Paintings and Streetart



‘Recht auf Stadt’ talks at Think Space conference in Malmö, Sweden
The Right to the City Network ’Recht auf Stadt’ contributed to the City Link conference in Malmö. The talk was held by Till Haupt, Liz Rech, Astrid Matthiae, Sven Reumann & Georg Möller and unfolded the many experiences of the Recht auf Stadt network with alternative organisational form, political engagement methods and collective strategies. The Think Space conference was hosted by the Danish organization and is a hub for actors in creative urban development from Denmark, Germany, Sweden, France, Spain and USA.

Jesper Koefoed-Melson (DK)
Mathias Holmberg (SE)
Jason Roberts (US)
Magdalena Malm (SE)
Open Air Neighborhood (SE)
Tag Del (SE)
Yes We Camp (FR)
Recht auf Stadt (DE)
Christian Fumz (DK)
Dorthe Harbo Andersen (DK)
Raumlabor (DE)
Anna Betancour (SE)
Fredrik Björk (SE)
Sebastian Mehling (DE)
Katrien Verwilt (DK)
Kerstin Bergendal /Park Lek (SE)
Carlos Rojas (ES)
Alejandro Martinez (ES)



PB43 presents at Think Space Aalborg
The creative and cultural hub Prags Boulevard 43 or PB43 presented at the Think Space conference in Aalborg. PB43 is a former paint factory in Copenhagen, that is now a working space for 150 daily users and over 30 small businesses.

PB43 presented the concept of commissioning empty factory buildings into incubators for businesses and cultural project groups and shared their experiences on how to organize user-drivens working collectives.


27.10.2013 – 28.10.2013

Kick start of City Link Festival 2014
Under the slogan „WHO WAnTS TO MAkE A FESTivAL in HAMbURG“ Danish and German communities, grassroots organizations, project makers and artists gathered in order to kick start the City Link festival 2014. Through a workshop the participants discussed and developed the concept and organization behind the CityLInk Festival that will be realized in September 2014. The workshop took place at the Living Art Studio in Oberhafen.

Participants from Copenhagen:
Tom Rasmussen, Nivah Hastrup, Lasse Simonsen, Line Kjær Frederiksen, Ida Medici, Louise Heebøll, Ellen O‘ Gara, Jesper Koefoed-Melson, Mathias Holmgren, Kristian Skaarup, Mads Riis, Annette Lindroos, Oliver Thaning, Pia S. Lilja, Lene Duve

Participants from Hamburg:
Carsten Rabe, Till Haupt, Michael Ziehl, Martin Heger, Liz Rech, Sarah Lasaki, Hartmut Gerbsch, Adriane Steckhan, Malte Struck, Kerstin Evert, Ute Kühn, Kathrine Uldbaek Nielsen, Lena Christian, FX Schröder, Sven Reumann, Philippa Jasper, Burkard Röllich, Susanne Moisan , Lothar Mattejat, Oli Simon, Ulrike Paul, Antje Wilken, Jeanne Barnier, Mareen Zschichold, Sabine Dissel, Susanne Lohberg, Tom Finke


22.11.2013 – 30.11.2013

Artist exhibition ‘Copenhagen in Hamburg’
Through a collective art exhibition in the Gängeviertel in Hambourg a series of Danish art galleries were invited to show case their works for a German and International audience.

68qm Artspace
Buro Detours
Silent Lunch

Christopher Sand Iversen
Steen Andersen
Lasse Erikson
Julie Bietsch
Anne Skole Overgaard
Hilda Ekeroth