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Afenginn plays at City-Link Festival Closing Party

MS Stubnitz Baakenhöft / HafenCity Kirchenpauerkai 1, 20457 Hamburg, Germany Take the subway U4 to station „HafenCity Universität“and follow the signs.

We are proud to announce that Afenginn (DK) will be playing at the Good Bye Party of this years City-Link Festival.

The Program of the evening includes the following:

SEP 13th Good BYE Party at MS Stubnitz with Afenginn (DK), h.heh (DE), “Rausch“ by Jan Plewka & Leo Schmidthals (DE), Lars from Mars (DK), DJ Mauru (DE), Lutko & Trèsbien (DE) and more – 20:00“

The Party starts at 8pm.

Kirchenpauerkai 1, 20457 Hamburg | ms.stubnitz.com

Location: MS Stubnitz Baakenhöft / HafenCity
Boarding Time: Friday September 13th 2014 20:00

Take the subway U4 to station “HafenCity Universität” and follow the signs.
Further information: city-link.org

Artists: Afenginn DK Alexandra Griess aka NAN DE RAUSCH by Jan Plewka & Leo Schmidthals DE
Lars from Mars DK Lutko & Trèsbien DE DJ Mauru DE and more


20:00 Boarding Time


20:00 Resident DJ

20:30 Rausch: Jan Plewka &
Leo Schmidthals (DE)

21:30 Resident DJ

22:00 Afenginn (DK)

00:30 Lars from Mars

02:30 Resident DJ


21:00 Resident DJ

22:30 Lutko & Trésbien

01:00 h.heh

03:00 DJ Mauro

05:00 Resident DJ

Afenginn DK
Music with the cinematic feel of classical music, the Scandinavian feel of melancholy and the speed of Balkan, inquisitive, playful and imaginative, this acclaimed Danish 5-piece takes an anarchic approach to traditional musical structures.
Meaning “intoxication and strength”, Afenginn delivers fast-paced, high-octane shows fuelled by great joy, always seeking to cross borders and push the limits of their virtuosity and live performances. Formed in Copenhagen in 2002,
Afenginn has built up a reputation of virtuosity and excellent live shows worldwide. Their compositions range from lyrical and picturesque compositions to jagged up-tempo numbers in odd time signatures,
always with a special rhythmic and melodic finesse which characterises Afenginn.Their own term for the band’s musical style is “Bastard Ethno” and have won three Danish Music Awards and several grants and nominations.

h.heh DE
Dancing to h.heh exclusive multitrack selections is always dope. You won’t miss that heavy bass dancehall touch and feel. She’s one of those oldschool vinyl addicts that can connect crackling chansons with bleeping, pumping trap shit. Being a permanent feature of Hamburg’s music and arts underground, having played in the darkest squats for years she has absolutely no problem to mash down any floor of any size, whipping smiles on the faces of those who love music from deep of their hearts.

Lars from Mars DK
Lars from Mars is the alias of composer/programmer/performer/sonologist Lars Graugaard, under which he indulges in all kinds of bodily (dys)functions applied to music. The music often has a strong grounding in rhythms, combined with at times quite abstract and far-fetched sound worlds. Equally at home in the club and academia, Lars incorporates all sorts of innovative techniques and trends to create experimental electronica. But obviously he tries not to be too pretentious about it. Releases on the mythical Pueblo Nuevo label of South America as well as Chordpunch, Mindwaves, ccczzz and clang etc. Visiting faculty artist since 2010 at NYU Steinhardt.

Lutko & Trèsbien DE
play their favorite tunes in the modern two-channel-stereo-sound. While L. devotedly sets the dancefloor in motion as part of the dj-duo “der polnische abgang”, T. grew out of the realm of bar music from the heart. United they create danceable waves of sound.

DJ Mauru DE
Turntables on fire. Deejaying at its best.

Monsieur Le Schlö DE (Fabian Stoltz)
Breastfed with Hip Hop, HH-based illustrator and comic artist Fabian Stoltz (www.artigebilder.com)loves to spin records from around the world under the nickname Monsieur Le Schlö, ranging from
Africa, passing by the Americas to the Middle East and back again. Sometimes vintage, often pimped by 21st century electronics.

Jan Plewka & Leo Schmidthals DE
Two men on a boat. With a guitar, a cello, a piano. There will be smoking and drinking. Laughter and arguments. Hugs and kisses. Dancing and singing. It will end in exhilaration. Or in intoxication as the case may be. Selig frontman Jan Plewka and his bandmate and multi-instrumentalist Leo Schmidthals play music from their recent theatre production RAUSCH – with different ways of intoxication as their theme: love, drugs and alcohol.