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Friday 30th October. The Canteen at Novozymes Fuglebakken, Hillerødgade 42

Entrance: 50 kr including lunch. Buy your ticket at this link.


08.30  Registration and coffee

09.00  Introduction w/ Jesper Kofoed-Melson (GivRum)

Session 1:

“Who owns the right to the city? Strategies to ensure a living, democratic and sensorial city space”

Keynote speech and Q&A: Informal Cultures and the Right to the City

Jan Lilliendahl Larsen (Urbanist, Supertanker)

Panel Debate: Jenny Humberstone (Here+Now), Martin Voola (Dome of Visions) & Mads Boserup (TagTomat).

Moderator: Richard Williams (The New Metropolitan, Edinburgh University).

Session 2:

“Art as instigator of change and critical thinking in public space”

Keynote speech and Q&A: The Urgent Urban Place of (Digital) Art / Here All Alone

Tanya Toft (Ph.d Candidate, Copenhagen University)

Panel Debate: Morvern Cunningham (LeithLate), Ulrikke Neergaard (Somewhere) & Kirsten Dufour (Astrid Noacks Atelier)

Moderator: Charlotte Bagger Brandt

12.00 Closing statements and introduction to afternoon workshop programme by Jesper Koefoed-Melson (GivRum)

12.30  Lunch provided at Novozymes Canteen

14.00  Workshops commence in various locations. Visit our Afternoon Workshops Programme for details.



TTJan Lilliendahl Larsen

Jan has been a leading member of Supertanker since 2003. His experience lies in academic teaching and research as well as community work and participatory processes in housing estates, abandoned spaces as well as downtown areas. In relation to this, he has researched and developed the possibilities for democratic participation in the area between urban life, culture, politics and development. At Roskilde University, he has participated in the development of Plan, By og Proces (Planning Studies). He has documented his work in the dissertation Politisk urbanitet in 2008 and most recently in “Situationens urbanisme” with Martin Frandsen and Supertanker in 2014 – exploring new tendencies for participation in urban life and development in Copenhagen as well as abroad. In 2014 he also wrote “Lefebvrean vaguenesses”, regarding the theoretical and philosophical implications of the new, political and cultural tendencies of the city, for an English anthology about Henri Lefebvre called Urban Revolution Now (eds. Stanek, Moravansky and Schmid).

TTTanya Toft
Tanya Toft is a curator, researcher, writer and lecturer focused on urban digital art as a domain of criticality in the media city. She is a Ph.D. Fellow at Institute of Arts and Cultural Studies, Copenhagen University, and previous Visiting Scholar at Columbia University, NY. She is on the International Curatorial Advisory Board of the Open Sky Gallery in Hong Kong and Curatorial Advisor for Verve Cultural in São Paulo, where she has co-curated several exhibitions at the SESI Digital Gallery with Marília Pasculli, including the São Paulo Urban Digital Festival in 2013 and 2014. Since 2013 she has been Associate Curator with The Streaming Museum in New York City and among other exhibitions curated and produced the traveling moving image exhibition Nordic Outbreak with Nina Colosi, in New York City and across the Nordic region. In June 2015 she curated the interactive sound and video art installation Here All Alone, taking up a closed-down factory in Copenhagen.

TTMartin Voola

Martin has worked on the Dome of Visions project since February 2014. Before that, Voola worked on a musicvenue in the suburbs to copenhagen, where he also grew up. DOME OF VISIONS is a domeshaped greenhouse the height of a three-storey house. The dome puts focus on sustainable construction, urban life, architecture and new ways of working together. Dome of Visions is about action over talk, and is aimed at reaping new knowledge and experience in alternative designs, materials and ways of working together. At the same time, the Dome will show the way to new visions, by being the setting for conferences and debates about the sustainable cities and buildings of the future.

JHJenny Humberstone
Jenny is Curatorial Director at HERE+NOW – a landscape architecture and design studio based in Edinburgh, specialising in co-design and participatory place-based projects. She is passionate about more creative and productive use of city spaces for cultural and community use, and has co-founded a number of initiatives in Australia and the UK.  These include Hold Me Dear, where any individual worldwide is invited to submit a photo and 50 words about a place that means something to them personally to an online gallery and physical exhibition, and  Hidden Features – a series of film nights activating under-utilised city spaces whilst showcasing local film-makers and artists work.

TTMads Boserup

Behind TagTomat stands architect and Urban Farmer Mads Boserup Lauritsen, who has driven the project since 2011, first as a hobby by growing tomatoes on the roof of a garbage shed, then having a lot of workshops for the local community in 2012, and since 2013 little by little turning this hobby to a business. Since 2014 Mads has been working fulltime on the project, and today he has 3-4 full time employees, creating new green commons in the urban spaces of Scandinavia.

TTRichard Williams

Richard is Professor of contemporary visual cultures at the University of Edinburgh, and writes and teaches on cities. His exceptionally wide-ranging work draws on sociology, psychology and film studies as well as the history of art and architecture. He has studied cities in Brazil, the United States and Spain as well as the UK. His research questions have remained constant, however: why do cities look the way they do? And what does it feel like to inhabit them?

TTMorvern Cunningham

Morvern is the Producer Director of LeithLate, an arts organisation and festival in the Leith area responsible for a number of public art initiatives. She recently co-conducted a research study into the Creative Industries in Leith alongside Citizen Curator under the banner Leith Creative. Morvern is also the Coordinator for Glasgow Short Film Festival and runs Future Shorts film screenings in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

TTUlrikke Neergaard

Ulrikke is the Artistic leader of Somewhere – an agency working with art and public space within three areas: production, discussion and advice. Between 2015-2017 Somewhere will curate the art programme Detours on Nordre Fasanvej in cooperation with Områdefornyelse Fuglekvarteret og Områdefornyelse Nordre Fasanvej Kvarteret.

TTCharlotte Bagger Brandt

Charlotte is a Danish curator and art consultant. Since 1999 she has curated art exhibitions, seminars and other art related projects inside as well as outside the art institution, in Denmark and abroad. Bagger Brandt was initiator and curator at U-TURN Quadrennial for Contemporary Art in 2008. At Kunsthal Charlottenborg she curated the exhibitions Taking Place, Fundamentalism of the New Order, Disturbance and Temporary Spaces. She co-initiated several collaborative projects such as Mirror’s Edge with Okwi Enwesor and University of Umeaa, Organising Freedom with David Elliot, Moderna Museet, Stockholm and My Head is on Fire but my Heart is full of Love with Toby Webster and Will Bradley, Modern Institute, Glasgow. Bagger Brandt also teaches in art in public space at Copenhagen University. After several years as senior curator at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, where she was appointed deputy director in 2006, she initiated Råderum – mobile office of contemporary art in 2008.

TTKirsten Dufour

Kirsten Dufour is a Danish artist. Trained in sculpture, her practices has revolved around social, political and collaborative practices for decades. In 2012 she was awarded the prestigious Eckersberg Medaille because of her ability to “unite politics and aesthetics in her individual work”. She is the co-founder of YNKB (Outer Nørrebro Culture Bureau) and Astrid Noacks Atelier.