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City Link Festival Exhibitions

Westwerk Admiralitätstrasse 74, 20459 Hamburg Galerie in der Speckstrasse Speckstrasse 82-84, 20355 Hamburg Galerie 21 im Vorwerkstift Vorwerkstraße 21, 20357 Hamburg Hinterconti Marktstraße 40A, 20357 Hamburg Frappant e.V. Zeiseweg 9, Viktoria-Kaserne, 22765 Hamburg

Admiralitätstrasse 74, 20459 Hamburg | jemand@westwerk.org

Opening: Friday September 5th 2014 17h
Exhibition: September 6th – 14th 2014
Open: Tuesday – Friday 16 – 19h, Saturday & Sunday 13 – 16h

Artists: Julie Bitsch | Julie Sparsøe Damkjær | Christian Elovara Dinesen
Asbjørn Skou | Sif Itona Westerberg | Silas Inoue

Curated by Erik Duckert CPH & Carsten Rabe HH
Seepage through saturated porous media

The exhibition shows 6 emerging Danish artists that amplify material attention and thereby relate to the subtle subversions and metamorphoses of historic adaptation. The cultural interface connecting Denmark and Germany is coded by a dense thread twisting across the duration of many generations, and the affections between the two are composed of a myriad of events compiled and solidified in a thick, yet oddly immaterial foundation forming the national self-perception of the two nations and everyone in them. These occurrences, amassed over hundreds of years, range from casual meetings and intellectual exchange to trade agreements and all out war; though some events have been more notable than others in the shaping and relation of the two nations none have been without significance. Think not history as an ocean to explore, but rather as the murky water seeping through your cellar wall.

For a description of the artists please read artist presentation: fine art A-Z in the end.

Galerie in der Speckstrasse
Speckstrasse 82-84, 20355 Hamburg | www.das-gaengeviertel.info

Opening: Friday September 5th 2014 18h
Exhibition: September 6th – 14th 2014
Open: Tuesday – Friday 16 – 19h, Saturday & Sunday 13 – 16h

Three Artist-Run-Spaces from Copenhagen:
Antechamber, GREEN IS GOLD, Kontorproject

Artists: Hilda Ekeroth | Nisrine Boukhari | Asle Lauvland Pettersen | Sian Kristoffersen |
Jenny Nordquis | Louise Bøgelund Saugmann

Antechamber – Project Space for Drawing and Other Research – was launched in January 2012 as a studio and exhibition project with a physical space at Strandlodsvej 9f on Amager in Copenhagen. Their desire was to explore the artistic process in all its forms from an active contemporary artist’s perspective – and challenge the potential and the limitations this perspective necessarily conduces. 
From the onset, Antechamber has explored a wide range of artistic outputs through publishing, guest performances (shows under others auspices) and most recently with the spread of Antechamber‘s national presence from Copenhagen and Sæby to global operations from fluid addresses. For the City Link festival, Antechamber has invited Nisrine Boukhari to show her work.

is an artist run exhibition space, publishing house and studio located in Copenhagen. It was initiated in the autumn of 2011 by Danish artists Ditte Knus Tønnesen and Amalie Bønnelycke Lunøe. GREEN IS GOLD focuses on exhibiting local and international artists with diverse, progressive practices that are independent of trends and tendencies in art. Constantly in a state of evolution, they added a publishing house in 2012, which releases artist books, print editions and the touch-book PUBLICATION. For The City Link Festival GREEN IS GOLD presents Asle Lauvland Pettersen (N) and Sian Kristoffersen (DK). Pettersen will show new work reflecting on the gestalt shift: The feeling that sense is determinate, that meaning is something that is possible to determine, that an objective distinction can be made between sense and nonsense. Sian Kristoffersen will present an installation based on the colour red. It will consist of acrylic glass, objects, textile, wood, photography, text and a flower. www.gigstudio.dk


KONTORprojetcs was founded in 2011 by two visual artists, Jenny Nordquist and Louise Bøgelund Saugmann. Our aim is to show photography that pushes the medium forward and explores unconventional subject matters and forms of presentation to examine what photography can achieve as an art form.
Our aim is to foster dialogue and networks that transgress gender, cultures and geographical borders. We want to expand the knowledge of art photography and strengthen cultural diversity globally and locally. We regularly invite artists from abroad to exhibit in collaboration with Scandinavian artists. We are based in a small space in a cosy backyard in Copenhagen’s vibrant neighborhood of Vesterbro. Our program spans solo shows, curated group exhibitions and performances. We work with both established artists and the latest emerging talent. www.kontorprojects.dk

For a description of the artists please read artist presentation: fine art A-Z in the end.

Galerie 21 im Vorwerkstift
Vorwerkstraße 21, 20357 Hamburg | www.artist-residence-hamburg.de

Artist-Run-Spaces from Copenhagen:
Part I NewSsshhelterPlan#2

Opening: Friday September 5th 2014 19h
Exhibition: September 6th – 7th 2014
Open: Saturday, Sunday 12 – 18h

Artists: Sara Glahn | Wendy Plovmand | Johan Rosenmunthe
Curated by Erik Duckert CPH & Carsten Rabe HH

The artists behind New Shelter Plan presents a new exhibition that investigates and questions cultural and historical exchange in an art related sense. The exhibition is informed by the concept of the opening exhibition at New Shelter Plan in October 2013. The inaugurate exhibition was conceived as a generous and experimental presentation of the exhibition space, where the focus would be on the space as well as the dialogue between the space and the individual site specific works. NewSsshhelterplan #2 offers a view into the dynamics of sharing, exchanging and the different minds within a collective. All artworks in the exhibition are related to the NSP space in one way or another and all of them are site specific for the gallery and the history of the premises. By transporting site specific NSP artworks as relics to Vorwerk in Hamburg, NSP wishes to blur borders between space, place and time and to link artist run spaces by an exchange of histories. The exhibition is conceived as an artistic approach to the Vorwerk space and will involve floors, walls and doors in non-traditional ways. This is an exhibition that should be seen as one work created by a collective that runs a space together. After maintaining the artist-run space for almost 1 year, it is the first time that the founders of NSP will work on a collective exhibition. This exhibition is built upon the key values of their artist-run space; experimentation, site-specificity and the exchange of present ideas challenging contemporary art.

For a description of the artists please read artist presentation: fine art A-Z in the end.

Galerie 21 im Vorwerkstift
Vorwerkstraße 21, 20357 Hamburg | www.vorwerkstift.de

Artist-Run-Spaces from Copenhagen:
Part II YEARS //  Financial time

Opening: Friday September 5th 2014 19h
Exhibition: September 6th – 7th 2014 | Open: Saturday, Sunday 12 – 18h
Artists: Steffen Jorgensen | Anna Margrethe Pedersen | Merete Vyff Slyngborg | Ditte Soria | Søren Aagaard

YEARS is an exhibition space, office and workshop located in a former storeroom in Nørrebro in Copenhagen, DK. It was founded in May 2012 and has recently been expanded with the sister platform NEW YEARS,
in the form of two large display windows in the meatpacking district of Copenhagen. YEARS is composed of Søren Aagaard, Steffen Jørgensen, Anna Margrethe Pedersen, Merete Vyff Slyngborg and Ditte Soria. Some of the exhibitors at YEARS have been Rachal Bradley and Patricia L. Boyd, Mette Hersoug, Julian Stalbohm, Will Benedict, Cevdet Erek / Saskia Groneberg / Anetta Mona Chisa and Lucia Tkáová / Johan Thom, Bjarke Hvass Kure, Sara Deraedt, Kristine Kemp.

For a description of the artists please read artist presentation: fine art A-Z in the end.

Marktstraße 40A, 20357 Hamburg | www.hinterconti.de

Opening: Friday September 5th 2014 19h
Exhibition: September 6th – 7th 2014
Open: Saturday, Sunday 12 – 18h

Artist-Run-Spaces from Copenhagen:
68 Square Metres Presents

Artists: Astrid Myntekjær | David Stjernholm | Jacob Jessen

68 Square Metres is proud to present works by Danish Artists Astrid Myntekjær, David Stjernholm and Jacob Jessen at Hinterconti. The exhibition presents a series of work, which examine how we perceptually respond to artificial sensory experiences and interruptions in physical space. Our perception remains open to all sorts of simulations, stemming from either organic or natural elements, or as the result of totally artificial and technological constructs. Our sense organs do not distinguish between that which is an artificial construct and that which is an original natural phenomenon. We may romanticize the original and natural as though there might be less joy, wonder, and sensational experience in a constructed reality – simply because it is a construct of human intervention, manipulation and technology. What is it about this idea of a simulated reality that fundamentally disturbs us? Is it a fundamental concern or anxiety about the potential of the artificial to become indistinguishable from a ‘true’ reality? The artists have worked with various mediums and approaches to try to activate our sensory and perceptual registers by using aesthetic and conceptual languages to question our definitions of what we experience as artificial. Our abstract levels of perception are activated through the virtual presence of the works, yet the representation of the human form remains absent from them. Instead, technological interventions and human constructions are in focus; the technology and edifices of the human race have surrounded it and become the mediums through which our sense perceptions are investigated by the artists.

For a description of the artists please read artist presentation: fine art A-Z in the end.

Frappant e.V.
Zeiseweg 9, Viktoria-Kaserne, 22765 Hamburg | www.frappant.org

Opening: Friday September 5th 2014 19h
Exhibition: September 6th – 14th 2014
Open: Tuesday – Friday 16 – 19h, Saturday & Sunday 13 – 16h

Young Artists from Hamburg and Copenhagen

Artists: Dodo Adden DE | Dorothee Daphi DE | Heidi Hove DK | Mette Nisgaard Larsen DK | Camilla Rasborg DK
Luis Schenk DE | Laura Therese Schran DE | Nina Wengel DK

Curated by Erik Duckert CPH & Carsten Rabe HH

The exhibition is a group show which shows a mixture of Young Artists from Hamburg and Copenhagen. With the open concept of works from different genres and a flexible mixed hanging, the show presents an overview of contemporary artists from both cities.

For a description of the artists please read artist presentation: fine art A-Z in the end.

Artist Presentation A – Z:

Søren Aagaard DK
is a multi-disciplinary artist working from a variety of perspectives, whose work is often influenced by his background as a chef. As such, food is one of the varied mediums he employs to examine how genres, labels, etiquette, codes and social conventions function to construct meaning within visual art, film language and everyday phenomena. Søren Aagaard, born in 1980, based in Copenhagen and Co-founder of YEARS. He studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and the Malmö Academy of Fine Arts.

Dodo Adden d.J. DE
Born in Wolfsburg in 1966 the artist and designer studied in Lüneburg and Hamburg. In 2000 he joined the studio association SKAM e.V. – four years later he became their chairman. Since then he curated exhibitions of the – now roomless – club. Just as he deals with processing in his administrative functions, he focusses on the transforming moments in the production of his artworks. He also joined the board of Frappant e.V. and has taken part in and curated exhibitions in Hamburg, Berlin, Mannheim, Leipzig, Magdeburg and Bremen.

Julie Bitsch DK
Born in 1980. Works with the material residues of transient encounters. In her impressions cast in various materials she explores the ‘duration’ of social, spatial and emotive encounters. Bitsch earned her MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2010 where she majored in contemporary sculpture. She has produced several public sculptures and exhibited her works in both Denmark and abroad. Her preferred mediums are wax, plaster, concrete, bronze and chewing gum. www.juliebitsch.com

Nisrine Boukhari SYRIA
is a visual artist based in Vienna and co-founder of AllArtNow which is considered to be the first independent collective space in Syria for visual arts, multimedia and contemporary arts. Founded in 2005, the initiative aims to create greater opportunities for emerging Syrian artists and the development of contemporary arts practice in Syria. Since July 2012, allartnow closed its doors in Syria to open it to Syrian refugee families and began to work in different places in the world as a nomadic space.

Julie Sparsøe Damkjær DK
(*1982) graduated form the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2013. Her practice revolves around the accentuation of the body and her prefered media are photo, video and the immediate perform-ativity of the human body.

Dorothee Daphi DE
Studied painting, stage design and performance. Among her teachers were Kuno Gonschior, Wilfried Minks & Marina Abramovic). In 1988 she founded the theater performance group “gruppe a b”. She was a visiting professor at the Fine Art Academy (Hfbk) in Hamburg (1999/2003) and had lectureships in Berkeley (USA), Zuhai and Shanghai (China) and Dresden (Germany). Her artistic repertoire includes installation, concepts for theater and public spaces, as well as film and video production.

Christian Elovara Dinesen DK
was born in 1982, graduated from Funen Art
Academy, Denmark in 2010. He has had numerous residencies across Europe, South America and New York. Dinesen’s topics are typically related to the public – and often desolate – areas of human life; he works with installation, drawing, murals, video and sometimes even intrusive performance.

Sara Glahn DK
The work of Sara Glahn presents a fractious tension between construction and deconstruction, within the themes of the artistic process, the institution, legacy and authorship. For the moment Glahn works closely together with her father, a sculptor, on their fifth project together.www.saraglahn.com

Heidi Hove DK
born 1976 – is an interdisciplinary artist, who lives and works in Copenhagen. In 2007, she graduated from Funen Art Academy and California College of Arts. She has exhibited her works in various contexts in Europe and the United States such as The Turku Biennial 2013 (FI), Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen, the Art Laboratory Berlin, Cultural Center CK in Skopje, and the Lab in San Francisco. Furthermore she has produced a number of public artworks, such as a giant ‘welcoming’ light sculpture in the desert near Bledsoe, Texas (US) and a social sculpture in the form of a memorial bench near the Factory of Art and Design, Copenhagen.

Silas Inoue DK
born 1981 – graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2010. Inoue works subtly with the complex constellations of cosmology, spirituality and the vast commercialization of various aspects of contemporary culture. With suspended judgment.Inoue engages these composite structures through media like ceramic sculpture, installation and watercolor painting. www.silasinoue.com
Jacob Jessen <<< Untitled
Jacob Jessen DK
In Jacob Jessen’s “Untitled (AV)” no one appears in front of the microphone under the bright stage lights. Instead, a plume of smoke begins to rise from the microphone as the heat from the lamps causes it to melt. At the same time, a static noise is heard as the melting microphone records the sound of its own destruction, rising to a fever pitch that invisibly dominates our personal space.

Steffen Jørgensen DK
is interested in de-constructing structures, symbols and myths. He works together with Allan Nicolaisen and Robert Kjær Clausen and their works are often based on well-known elements within the history of film such as the sci-fi genre, which they adopt but dissolve. Important for their practice is the production of artworks that are simultaneously including and challenging for the audience. Jørgensen, born in 1983 in Denmark, studied at Akademie der Bildenden Künste under Professor Manfred Pernice and graduated from Funen Art Academy under Jens Haaning in Denmark 2009. He had exhibitions in Los Angeles, Vienna, Madrid, São Paolo, Nürnberg, Graz, Copenhagen and Berlin.

Sian Kristoffersen DK
born in 1969, is a Danish artist, educated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 2007 and The Glasgow School of Art in 2003. Kristoffersen works in a broad variety of media, usually consisting of object based installations and photography. He will present an installation based on the colour red. It will consist of acrylic glass, objects, textile, wood, photography, text and a flower.

Astrid Myntekær DK
In Astrid Myntekær’s Astral, lenses and light sources rotate within cylinders, casting light forms into the exhibition space. Unstable and unreliable reflections take over, moving across the walls and through the space. Disorienting yet alluring effects draw us in, causing the perception of space to become malleable and fluid, rather than familiar and certain.

Asle Lauvland Pettersen NO
(born 1978) is a Norwegian artist, director and theatre sceneographer, who graduated from the National Academy of Arts, Oslo and The Royal Danish Theatre Academy, Copenhagen. Pettersen will show new work reflecting on the gestalt shift: the feeling that sense is determinate, that meaning is something that is possible to determine, that an objective distinction can be made between sense and nonsense. The installation consists of two video projections displayed on opposite walls.

Mette Nisgaard Larsen DK
born in 1982 – works in fields revolving around
drawing. She consistently uses tools such as transfer, blindness and reproduction to keep the working situation as open and intuitive as possible. She then dislocates the situation by including sculptural, linguistic and performative elements to gently displace the understanding of the objects and the order of the drawings. Her work has a certain ethereal vibe inspired by old pictograms, gestures and odd holistic ads. Her drawings are made on an almost introvert ed note, using the repetitiveness of the imagery to insist on the authority of its simplicity. Mette Nisgaard Larsen lives and works in Copenhagen.

Anna Margrethe Pedersen DK
With a starting point in classic ideas of a formal artistic language, Pedersen explores and expose inherent notions of meaning and taste in order to make new connections. Pedersen was born in 1983 in Thy, Denmark, but currently lives and works in Copenhagen. She graduated from Camberwell College of Art in 2009 and is co-founder of the exhibition spaces YEARS and NEW YEARS in Copenhagen.

Wendy Plovmand DK
Plovmand has recently been working on a new body of work “The Unsent Postcard series” – a collection of work that explores subjective perceptions and ideas relating to the concept of reality as inspired by Lacan's take on “The Unsent letter”.

Camilla Rasborg DK
Camilla Rasborg, born 1974 in Malling (DK) lives and works in Copenhagen. She was educated at The Jutland Academy of Fine Art and received a 3-year scholarship from the Danish Arts Foundation in 2012. In 2012 she was also co-founder of the exhibition place Sydhavn Station in Copenhagen where she also exhibited a number of times. Furthermore she had solo shows at Galerie MøllerWitt, Peter Lav Gallery, Moestings Hus, Kunsthal Aarhus, Gallery Poulsen and Rum46. She participated in group shows at, among others, Peter Lav Gallery, Sydhavn Station, Art Copenhagen, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art and Galerie MøllerWitt.

Johan Rosenmunthe DK
Materials interact with – and are compared to a
human scale. Thepreferences of materials is controlled by social history and does not originate from matter itself. Matter is a hostage of the human mind.www.rosenmunthe.com

Luis Schenk DE
After studying Illustration at the University of
Applied Sciences Hamburg and the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Luis Schenk co-founded a screenprint studio in Hamburg, which became his prefered method for the making if images. He was granted a scholarship from the Karl-Heinz Ditze Foundation and had
exhibitions in Jerusalem, Tokyo, Hamburg, Leipzig, Hildesheim and Frechen.

Laura Therese Schran DE
Born 1989 in Gießen, Germany she studied illustration at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg and painting at Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest.

Andreas Schulenburg DE
was born 1975 Hamburg, Germany. Schulenburg works with several different genres and media, such as ceramics, drawing, film and sculpture. His favoured media is felt, which is used for objects, sculptures and pictures. The common denominator is a profound focus on the imaginative in his work on the relationship between nature and culture. His felt works hold a rather poetic sensibilty, where the soft expression of the felt always covers serious problems that often refer to the human existence and threats such as natural disasters with which it is confronted.

Asbjørn Skou DK
Born in 1984, is a visual artist based in Copenhagen. He works with a wide range of media to create artworks that serve as a form of spatial research and communication. His work is concerned with investigating the intersections between architecture, culture, power and memory. It is often documentary, rooted in observation and intricate research, but he restates this research by assembling it in the fluctuating space between fact and fiction; thereby creating new and ambiguous mythologies from concrete spatial and cultural constructions. He graduated from the Academy of Art in Bremen, Germany. In addition to working in the public space, he has also exhibited on a large scale within museums and galleries in Europe and the United States.

Merete Vyff Slyngborg DK
is co-founder of the exhibition spaces YEARS and NEW YEARS in Copenhagen. She mainly works within the field of sculpture and installation. Through a focus on design, interior and spatial shift within the exhibition context, she investigates the history and contemporary nature of concepts such as taste, trends, tendencies and movements. Additionally, Slyngborg is interested in artistic expression as a historical phenomenon, which she examines through collaboration and exchange across fields. Merete Vyff Slyngborg (b. 1982, DK) graduated from The Funen Art Academy, but studied previously at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She had exhibitions in Berlin Malmö, Copenhagen, London, Joshua Tree California and Leeds. In 2013 she published MOTION DAZZLE together with curator Mette Woller.

Ditte Soria DK
born 1982, DK. Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. A recurring method in her work is an attempt to capture a common subjectivity within a visual language. Another is the search for integrity of materials: a coalition of idea, aesthetic and material. Ditte Soria graduated from The Funen Art Academy and studied at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna as well as at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

David Stjernholm DK
In David Stjernholm’s Diorama, a miniature billboard faces the wall, so that we cannot see the picture on the front. Instead the coloured light of the image is reflected back into the room, perceived as brighter or weaker as the intensity of the natural light changes in the course of the day. We become aware of the diurnal cycle of the human body, as natural and artificial light interact with each other.

Kathrine Uldbæk Nielsen DK
Kathrine is looking forward to producing large a-mounts of "Smørrebrød " and "Streuselkuchen" for you.

Sif Itona Westerberg DK
Born in 1986. She received her MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in May of 2014. With ‘the ritual’ and ‘utopia’ as key impulses for her investigations. Westerberg works with social structures intersecting the political and cosmological sphere. She has a particular interest in power and subjection structures, including ways and methods to capture and tame power, through occult or ritualistic practices. Her primary media are sculpture, installation and collage.

Nina Wengel DE
was born 1979. She lives and works in Copen-
hagen, Denmark. Wengel’s artworks are created
in the vulnerable space between faith and doubt. Knowing it might be naïve, she stubbornly chooses to believe that art has the potential to be a healing tool and to transform the negative to the positive. She has a dual art practice, working solo with paint-ing and objects as well as under the name GOOD WORK Productions, which is mostly collaborative and in urban space. Her work under GOOD WORK Productions is driven by a need for acting on a current situation, communicating in a direct and political way and to an audience that merely arts literate. www.ninawengel.com

Katja Windau DE
born in 1972 in Cuxhaven, she studied at the
Academy of Fine Arts, Hamburg (2001 – 2008) in the class of Prof. Wiebke Siem. She has had
exhibitons in Minden, Hamburg, Bremen, Dresden,
Berlin, Leipzig, München and Chemnitz.