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City Link Symposium: Kick-Off Meeting

Gängeviertel Valentinskamp 34, 20355 Hamburg | www.das-gaengeviertel.info

Valentinskamp 34, 20355 Hamburg | www.das-gaengeviertel.info

Thursday, September 12 th 2014 18h
Location: Schierspassage Valentinskamp 37-38 & Druckerei Valentinskamp 32

City Link Symposium: Kick-Off Meeting


18:00 Meet & Greet for all Symposium, Congress & Workshop Participants

19:00 Reading: Katja Kullmann DE

20:30 Concert: Days of Delay – Planet Link Gliese 581d to Earth DE

22:30 Turntables: Señor Rita DE

For a description of the artists please read
artist presentation

Katja Kullmann (Author, Berlin)

“Rasende Ruinen” (raging ruins) and
“Echtleben” (real life)

Born in 1970 in Hesse, Kullmann writes books,
essays, stories and reports; mostly about the wondrous world of work, as well as urban shifts – and the key role played by the so-called creative class. Amongst her most recognized publication were the US-reportage “Rasende Ruinen (raging ruins) – how Detroit is reinventing itself“ and “Echtleben (real life) – why today it’s difficult to have an opinion“. She also writes for several newspapers, including der Freitag, the F.A.S., taz and Zürcher Tages-Anzeiger.

DAYS OF DELAY – Planet Link

Ambient concert by Cyrus Ashrafi about the exoplanet “Gliese 581d” that is 20 light years away and upon which life might be possible: With synthesizers, theremin, piano, wine glass, midified kalimba, loops, distorted environmental sounds and remote-orchestra.

DJ Señor Rita

has Romanian-German-Hungarian-Italian-Slowakian ancestors, was born in South America, grew up in Germany and has travelled to many places.
A passionate mix that you might also notice in the music she selects, lately with a bigger eye on golden oldies from the 50’s and 60’s.