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DAYS OF DELAY ambient-concert

GÄNGEVIERTEL - Schierspassage

Ambientconcert about the exoplanet “Gliese 581d”.

Gliese 581d is 20 lightyears far from earth and lies within the “habitable zone”. It could be a substitute for potential extraterrestrial life.

A performative voyage of sound painted live in infinite space and its endless ambivalence: with synthesizer, theremin, piano, wineglass, midified kalimba, loops & ambient noises and remote-orchestra.

DAYS OF DELAY is the instrumental ambient-project of Hamburg based singer-songwriter Cyrus Ashrafi. The improvised, evolving patterns create a unique atmosphere of acoustically decelerated paintings of sound nested in emotional and experimental music.


11th September, 8:30 pm
GÄNGEVIERTEL – Schierspassage