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Summerparty & Open Ateliers at 2025 & Achterhaus

2025 + Achterhaus Ruhrstraße 88, 22761 Hamburg | www.2025ev.de | atelierhaus-ruhrstrasse.de

Summerparty & Open Ateliers, Concerts and BBQ September 6th 2014 15h-???

Work-in-Progress Presentation by Marie Topp (DK)
Dance Performance September 6th 2014 19h

Open Ateliers & Summerparty


15 – 20h Open Ateliers 2025 + Achterhaus

16h Guided Tour Artists’ House 2025

17h Performance JAJAJA DE

18h Guided Tour Artists’ House Achterhaus

19h Performance Marie Topp DK

20-24h Concerts: Frau Kraushaar + Sascha Demand DE
Fluten DE Chamberlab DE visual bassic DE
Hallo Werner Clan DE

24h – Open End: DJ Loveavalanche DK DJ Grönfors DE 2025 DJs DE

For a description of the artists please read
artist presentation: music & performance

Chamberlab DE
Live electronics and violin are combined to recontextualize classical music and to explore alternative composition techniques in settings that include programmed sound and light installations.

While originating from post-hardcore, FLUTEN are constantly testing new waters and combine what, at first, seems controversial and inconsistent: Electro and guitar, 5/8 and harmony, dissonance and pop.
Resonating in a movement between uproar and finesse, FLUTEN create fissures and edges. Without a constant eye on the chorus, without arbitrary approval or some hit-or-miss attitude. Also: Punk. But without slogan and certainly without pointing fingers.

DJ Grönfors FIN
International herring salad with finnish spices for the dance floor.

Hallo Werner Clan DE
They are big in Japan and now living large in Hamburg. Out of Karolinenviertel – all the way up to Bahrenfeld. The Hallo Werner Clan seduces all lovers and haters into a multi-media, transcultural spectacle deluxe! Including exclusive live mixing and the entire set taken to new heights through unplugged orchestral versions. That is: “Pommes und
Reis” (“Fries and Rice”) as easy listening salsa and “Fuffy daddy haste mal ne Zehner” (“Fifty Daddy can you spare a dime”) in an unplugged broad band orchestration. Cultural misunderstandings are part of the concept and so very expected and appreciated. Hip Hop, Piano, Trombone, Percussion, Expressive dance and fake blood; 2D,3D, LSD.

are a HH based Croatian/German/Swiss/Danish live art couple since ’06 formerly known as Yohn&Joko with a 12 year old Kid who is also part of the show when he gets enough cash from his parents.

Frau Kraushaar & Sascha Demand DE
A Hamburg based artist and musician who is currently touring Europe. Her brand new album “the Power of Appropriation”, has already received much attention. “The self-reliant berserker” (taz) defines “worldmusic” her own way. She performs her songs in eight languages including Hebrew, Russian, Italian and German, an unplugged musical celebration without recognition solely accompanied by her excellent guitarist Sascha Demand.

Lars from Mars DK
is the alias of composer/programmer/performer/sonologist Lars Graugaard, under which he indulges in all kinds of bodily (dys)functions applied to music. The music often has a strong grounding in rhythms, combined with at times quite abstract and far-fetched sound worlds. Equally at home in the club and academia, Lars incorporates all sorts of innovative techniques and trends to create experimental electronica. But obviously he tries not to be too pretentious about it. Releases on the mythical Pueblo Nuevo label of South America as well as Chordpunch, Mindwaves, ccczzz and clang etc. Visiting faculty artist since 2010 at NYU Steinhardt.

Celebrating his 20th anniversary as DJ, Al Lindrum has moved dancefloors all around. Musically he is more electric than ever, with a solid electronic foundation from his techno years, where he was one of the first to advocate the Hardhouse sound back in the mid 90’s. He then moved on to live in Barcelona for 13 years where he started mixing the electronic foundation with organic flavors from a more global music culture. Today back in CPH he has launched a new club known as the “Electric Love Generator” or EKG as it spells in Danish. A night dedicated to the deep bouncy sound of organic house music.

Marie Topp DK
will present parts of that research that is the starting point for her 8 months residency at K3 Tanzplan Hamburg where she will work on a trilogy project. Topp’s work is grounded in her distinct and exact physicality, she works with body states and how these can communicate and function in a choreographic context. In her works she explores topics such as force, transformation and transferred sensation. The presentation at City-Link researches the movements between action and non-action and the physical state that this in-between produces; the state of readiness. This is a work-in-progress of the performance Forerunnig that will be presented in Hamburg within the context of the K3 Tanzplan Hamburg Residency programme.

visual bassic DE
Katrin Bethge (overhead projections) and John Eckhardt (bass) create audiovisual situations in real time which balance active composition with self organizing processes. Employing light refracting objects, liquids and everyday materials directly on her projector, Bethge conjures up equally cosmic and microscopic spaces. Eckhardt’s structured yet always changing live electronic music draws on stylistic influences such as Krautrock, Drone’n’Dub Techno – a personal language for the bass guitar committed to pulsating low frequencies as well as spectral soundscaping.

2025 Djs DE
are born together with the 2025 e.V. Atelier-House 5 years ago. The Artists diceindustries and Arvild J. Baud play Vinyl back to back in all genres and every century of timeless music and spoken words. The set they play on the 10th early in the dusk they call: “Den hvide Efterskole”